4DRY car dehumidifier

Condensation in your car is one of the worst things you have to deal with as a motorist.
Shortly after starting the car you will see les because you windscreen will be covered with some condensation. To solve this problem, you must first know what the cause is. Most people know that condensation forms the basis of the misting, but are not aware of the precise mechanism from this misting. Only when you know that you can effectively prevent condensation in your car.

Condensation in your car

The reason is quite simple: fluids in your car leads to condensation, which in turn leads to fogged car windows. You can solve problem when you are ensure that no moisture gets into your car. Unfortunately this is hardly to prevent. Especially in older cars come soon relatively large amounts of moisture in the interior. Not a problem, because when the temperature inside the car is not higher than elsewhere, this does not lead to condensation of the moisture present. This is the reason why you will have fogged car windows barely in the spring and summer.

4DRY car dehumidifier is the centerpiece of our car dehumidifier range. Like a sponge, it draws and then locks in moisture, using the contained action granules (non-dripping system). With its weight of 1 kg 4DRY can absorb up to 800 ml water. This makes 4DRY the most powerful car dehumidifier available of its kind.

4DRY can not only be used in your car but is ideal to protect caravans and motorhomes against moisture as well.

Unlike conventional dehumidifier systems, there is no danger of tipping over a saltwater solution, which will damage the carpet or fabrics. 4DRY is certainly recommended to use and also when dealing with children and pets and can easily be recharged in the microwave.