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Silica Gel Shop offers a large range of products that are used to absorb moisture and have as target, products or spaces to get or to keep it dry. Silica Gel, bentonite or calcium chloride in combination with starch are the most well-known drying agents. All these products are available from stock.

Silica Gel-Shop is to maximize customer satisfaction and access complete online shopping experience for consumers. Our target is to offer products for fairly priced and the best quality you can get.
We take care of, powerful service before, during and after your purchase.

Silica Gel Shop has knowledge and development in-house and close relationships with knowledge partners who support us in this. With a dedicated team, we always try to offer you the best solution. We have deliberately chosen to include only desiccants and oxygen absorbers to our catalog and to deliver it immediately. All products are in stock and are shipped directly from our warehouse in Haaksbergen or directly form the production facilities in Germany or France.

Silica Gel Shop is your partner; before, during and especially after your purchase. We think from our personal experience and desires about the functionality of our website, we focus on the process itself as we like it and we speak to you as we want to be addressed.