Air Dry car dehumidifier

Air Dry car dehumidifier is the centerpiece of the airdry product range. Like a sponge, airdry draws and then locks in moisture, using the contained action granules (non-dripping system). With its weight of 1 kg airdry CLASSIC can absorb up to 800 ml water. This makes airdry the most powerful car dehumidifier available of its kind.

The upper side of airdry is made from a non-woven fabric, which becomes noticeably damp through moisture absorption. The underside is made of plastic, preventing moisture from being transferred downwards.

airdry is versatile, as the following examples show. For this he has repeatedly regenerable to a heater.

To correct “winter mothballing” part of effective protection against moisture. Not only motorcycles, but also bicycles, garden furniture, tools and electrical equipment should be protected. If the ambient moisture, so it is best to pack the items and airdry settle.

Air Dry is ideal to protect caravans and motorhomes to protect against moisture. It is precisely in winter storage else in trouble. Inside a moldy odor is prevented with mold, rust and mildew stains. So can start with all the freshness the next camping season.

Unlike conventional dehumidifier systems, there is no danger of tipping over a saltwater solution, which will damage the carpet or fabrics. airdry is certainly recommended to use and also when dealing with children and pets.

Boats and yachts are indeed protected from the outside well against moisture, but indoors barely. However, located in the interior, the valuable items that should be protected. Textiles, metals and especially the electronics are very sensitive to moisture and react with corrosion, mold, mildew and musty odor. Especially in winter storage possible, damage due to damp weather. Temperature fluctuations in the interior, for example, causes by sunlight, cause condensation. airdry prevents this because the relative humidity is reduced.