Car Dehumidification

Fogged car windows:

It is the nightmare of every motorist. Especially in the autumn and winter have too many people this problem. Once they get into their car and start the engine, soon you have a fogged window screen. Very disturbing, but most particularly. It’s dangerous. Because without a good view on the road driving a car, is asking for trouble. Fortunately, there are some cheap and easy solutions to solve this problem and instantly increase your safety on the road.

Car dehumidification:

The cause of misting is very simple, but not yet known to everyone. In seasons such as fall and winter it is often warmer inside than outside. This also applies to the inside of a car, especially if the engine for a while is on. When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, there is the formation of condensation occurs. For example when you take a hot shower in your bathroom, the mirror will cover over the sink by condensation of hot vapors. The same principle applies in your car.

Moisture in car

But what comes next: warm moist air in the car, you might ask. The cause is yourself!
People produce water vapor during exhalation and also when they sweat. When the moist air that you exhale is not warmer than the environment (such as in spring and summer), there will be no condensation. But when you are in a fresh season get into a cold car, will your warm breath or sweat quickly lead to misting.

Car dehumidifier:

The water vapor you produce during exhalation and perspiration is impossible for you to change.
You can, of course try to hold your breath. But this is even more  dangerous than driving with fogged windows! Do you know what you can change to minimalize this water vapor to the inside of a cold car. The most effective and actually only working solution is to dehumidify your car. This can be done by using a moisture absorber, known as a car dehumidifier.

Moisture sensor for cars:

A car dehumidifier reduces the humidity in your car. This is sorely needed, because especially in older cars quickly accumulates more moisture than you think. The best results with the car dehumidifier is to put in the car at night and leave him there all night. When you start your car the next day, you will notice that you have considerably fewer problems with misting!

Airdry car dehumidifier:

There are different types of car dehumidifiers on the market, but the best moisture absorber for in your car is the Airdry dehumidifier from Thomar. There are several Airdry dehumidifiers on the market, each offering their own specific advantages.
The most famous car dehumidifier is odorless Thomar Airdry dehumidifier. In Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlnds this is even the best-selling dehumidifier for cars! Good alternatives are the Thomar Airdry Ice Fresh car dehumidifier and Thomar Airdry Vanilla car dehumidifier, which, like their odorless brother reduce misting and mold in the car but additionally spread a pleasant smell in the car interior.
Finally, there is the Thomar Airdry DUO dehumidifier that is reusable each with two units of 600 grams and is excellent to use as a handy exchangeable set.

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