AirDry motor desiccant

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Double security! Rust and moisture are prevented by the unique double protection from VCI and dehumidifiers. The AirDry Bike dehumidifier will take up to 1.000 ml moisture.

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The AirDry Bike dehumidifier provides unique protection by the dual effective protection.

First the AirDry Bike protects your motor-bike with a high-quality protective agent against rust under a closed engine cover. All the other parts other than metal (such as rubber and lacquer) are not affected. When little opening of the case and during storage in a wind and sun protective environment, the duration is at least 6 months.

Second, the AirDry Bike extracts moisture from the surrounding air. The AirDry Bike works by extracting constant condensation under the motor-bike cover from the air. To 1.000ml. on water will be absorbed. Metal, leather, textiles and electronics are protected throughout the winter period.

Protection against:
Rust: by the VCI – Emitter
The middle part of the AirDry Bike includes the non-toxic material V.C.I. (Volatile corrosion inhibitor), which provides a protection in a small number of hours, which effectively prevents the formation of rust on metal.
Inaccessible parts of your motor-bike are effectively protected.

The AirDry responds instantly and constantly, it takes away excess water from the ambient air.

Electronics damages:
Possible electronics damage due to condensation is prevented.