ATCO Oxygen absorber DSP200

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Oxygen Absorber type DSP200 absorbs first its environment humidity before absorbing oxygen til a level of 0,01%. Available in quantities of 500 pieces or per box total of 5.000 pieces.

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ATCO oxygen absorber DSP200 has an absorption capacity of 200ml.

Oxygen is responsible for mold in food. Oxygen in food products is responsible for the formation of mildew and insects and causes discoloration orrancidity. The rate of deterioration of food is affected by the presence and quantity of available oxygen. Oxygen absorbers are designed to absorboxygen through which food products are maintained for longer.

ATCO oxygen absorbers comply with EU rules CE / 1935/2004 and CE / 450/2009 and are suitable for direct contact with food.
Available in quantities of 500 or 5.000 pieces vacuum packed in non gas permeable packaging.