Clay Bag B Dust Proof 32DU

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The DIN 55473, NFH00321 and Mil-D-3464E desiccant is Dust-proof; Tear proof bag and Moisture resistant; 32DU Desiccant Units; Weight 1.140 gr; 280 x 170 x 40mm. Available per 3 or 18 pieces.

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Clay Bag B dust-proof 32 DU, measurements 280 x 170 x 40mm. Total weight of 1.140 gram. DIN Dry B Dust Proof 32DU available in quantities of 3 or 18 pieces.

For industrial requirements according to DIN 55 473, NFH00321 and MIL-D-3464E
Made of dry clay
Available in various sizes
With dust proof design

Envelope material B – dust-proof: Nonwoven bag with Design B, tear-proof and moisture resistant, white, with: DIN 55 473 und MIL-D-3464 E printed on it.
B desiccant unit (DU) is, according to DIN, the amount of desiccant which in balance with the air at 23° C and 40% relative humidity absorbs at least 6.0gr of water vapour.
The main statement of DIN 55 473 and of Military Standard MIL-D-3464E is the fixing of a minimum adsorption capacity of the desiccant. The standard furthermore regulates the materials, packaging units, testing methods and labelling.

We carry out the preamble DIN Dry B 1.060gr – 32DU version. Under this designation we deliver certified desiccant bags of the brand Kindry or other certificate holders. We work together with international partners in the DIN desiccant field and are, therefore, able to supply an excellent quality of the economically produced goods according to German standards at affordable prices.

The dimensioning of DIN desiccants is always expressed in desiccant units (DU) and not according to weight.
The maximum weight of a DU must not exceed 39 gr. Dry clay is generally used as the absorbent. Since the standard in the DIN is strictly stipulated, desiccants in accordance with DIN are nearly identical in quality and size, irrespective of their manufacturer.

In addition to these uniform DIN Dry B 1.060gr – 32DU desiccants, we also offer you other products, the adsorption capacity of which is substantially greater. On account of the uniform DIN specifications, these may, however, then not be called DIN desiccants.

Sealed in protective foil in the PU at 3 pieces each

Weight                           1.140 gr
DU (desiccant units)      32
Art. Number                CBB032
Size                                280 x 170 x 40mm
Qty. per box                   18

Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Dimensions N/A

3, 18

Bag size

280 x 170 x 40 mm













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