Clay Bag B Dust Proof 8DU

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Clay Bag B 8 DU In accordance with DIN 55 473 and MIL-D-3464E for industrial use. DIN Dry – Envelope material B – Dustproof. Made from dry clay. Size 180 x 120 x 20mm. Available in quantities of 10 or 70 pieces.

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DIN Dry B Dust Proof 8 DU(Desiccant Unity), with a weight of 265 gram. Measurements: 180 x 120 x 20mm.  DIN Dry B Dust Proof 8DU available in quantities of 10 or 70 pieces.

DIN Dry Type B (Dustproof) desiccant bags absorb moisture from the surrounding air and keep it fixed. In a sealed foil bag (also referred to as barrier), or hermetically sealed spaces (e.g., control cabinets), they can decrease the relative humidity. This prevents corrosion, mold and condensation.

DIN Dry desiccant bags are filled with clay Bentonit, a drying agent having a layered structure that attracts to the surface and between the layers of moisture. Bentonite clay is chemically neutral, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. After use DIN Dry desiccant bags just be put in the garbage.

Depending on the weight of the desiccant bag to the bag represents a quantity of desiccant units. For example:
1 bag of 1060 grams = 32 DME
For hermetically sealed spaces such as metal cabinets or metal drums can be used as a rule of thumb 5 DME (desiccant unit) used per 1 m3 or 1.000 per liter.

Desiccant Bags are evenly places in the top of the bag.
DIN Dry desiccant bags comply with DIN 55473 and MIL-D-3464E standard norm. This is a standard norm and always the same around the world.