SeaDry Single 125 gr


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SeaDry container desiccant Single are an effective, leak-proof drying agent consisting of a mixture of calcium chloride and a binding agent. Each pocket weight 125gr. Moisture absorption 250ml. Measurements  200 x 165 x 25mm. Available in quantities of 10 pieces.

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Seadry container desiccant Single 125gr Qty, 10 pieces. Measurements  200 x 165 x 25 mm.

•Moisture absorber for freight containers –
•Easy handling and positioning
•Fits neatly into corrugated container wall grooves
•Moisture absorption > 0.25 litres

Seadry container desiccant Single products are used for cargo transport and storage, primarily for packaging with high water vapor permeability or without barrier hull.

This high-performing desiccant reduces relative humidity levels as far down as 50%, thus minimizing the risk of condensation and moisture damage. Absorbed moisture is immediately bound as gel and is at no time present as liquid.

For optimal effect and efficient placement, various SeaDry products are advised depending on application needs. Feel free to contact us for detailesd information.

Recommended usage of Seadry container desiccant Single :
For smaller shipping units and when optimal distribution of SeaDry is required.
Even distribution of Seadry container desiccant Single on top of the packages or between the goods.
SeaDry container desiccant Single without adhesive strip can be placed between the container cargo.

Changes to Odour and Flavour:
Even before any visible damage (e.g. mould) is apparent, the quality of food may already be impaired by changes to odour and flavour.

Loose labels:
Humidity reduces the adhesive power of labels and may cause them to slip or drop off.

Produced entirely in Germany under ISO 9001:2008 certified conditions. Test Reports by independent institutes are available.

Product data:
Name: Seadry container desiccant single  125gr
Item number: 626.000-100
Performance: > 0.25 litres water absorption
Dimensions: 200 x 165 x 25mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 125gr. desiccant
Packaging: 100 units in PE bag in box
Execution type:Single sachets, underside made of barrier foil. Available with or without adhesive strip.
Contents: Calcium chloride (salt), modified starch
Cover materials: Underside humidity barrier made of PA/PE film. Topside Tyvek®: tear-resistant, dust-proof, moisture permeable
Disposal: Regular commercial wast

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