Silica Gel 0,5 gram Tyvek Desiccant

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Silica gel 0,5 gram Tyvek® desiccant bag, a non-woven bag made of Tyvek®, tear and dustproof, white, with “Do not eat” printed on it. Size 30 x 20 x 4 mm. Available in quantities of 1.000, 5.000 or 15.000 pieces.

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Silica gel 0,5 gram Tyvek® desiccant pouches, available in quantities of 1.000, 5.000 or 15.000 pieces with each 0,5 gram.

The most commonly used desiccant products are the silica gel desiccant. Silica gel in Tyvek® bags is often found in foods and pharmaceutical products. Our silica gel is free of dimethyl fumarate (DMF).

Silica gel bags can reduce the relative humidity from 90% RH to 40% RH. At room temperature the best results are obtained. But also at temperatures of up to 220° F (105° C), silica gel is able to effectively absorb moisture. Due to the large selection of pore sizes, silica gel offers the possibility of using not only water, but also other compounds, e.g. Alcohol, ammonia, aromatic compounds and olefins.