Silica gel bags: who does not know them. These are the bags with plastic balls that you find in vitamin jars, packing boxes of electrical equipment and in the shoebox of your newly purchased sneakers.

They are the same bags that are not suitable to eat, but children see them often by as candy. But where can these paper bags with small gel balls actually use for when you they received them? You see them in a huge quantity of products, so they should actually have a function.

And a function that they certainly have! Silica gel bags are bags of desiccant that absorb moisture from the environment. Thanks to their moisture absorption properties, they are suitable for a wide range of useful applications, such as preventing fogged car windows or rust. Waste to throw away so!

We enumerate in this article all sorts of useful applications of Silica Gel bags for you.

Prevent fogged car windows
Fortunately, there are professional solutions to prevent fogged car windows. But have you no car dehumidifier and do you need a quick temporary fix for your car fogged windows? Then just put some silica gel packets on the dashboard of your car.
This prevents condensation, which is the cause of fogged car windows. Plastic gel balls in the silica gel sachets suck all the moisture before windows are fogged.

Prevent smelly gym bag