Silica gel bags: we find them in countless products. Vitamin jars or shoe and electronics packages to medicine boxes. But what is silica gel now and why is it used so widespread?

Silica gel buy? Reasons why silica is so popular

Silica gel is the most inexpensive, effective and practical desiccant which is available on the market. Silica gel grains have moisture-absorbing properties, so that they absorb and hold water vapor.

The high efficiency and compact dimensions of silica gel sachets makes it the ideal desiccants. The small bags also fit into small boxes and are therefore usable for almost every product group.
Known are of course the medicine packets and vitamin jars which almost always silica grains are present. This is necessary because if any water vapor cools in the pack after a sudden temperature drop, spoil the pills and medicines quickly by condensation.
Also in natural foods such as meats the use of silica gel is practically indispensable. The silica bags retain moisture present, causing mold growth and decay be prevented in time.
Silica gel, however, not only prevents decay, but also prevents damage to goods such as electronic components. Condensation of moisture can cause irreparable damage to electronics products. The silica dry bags absorb all the water vapor, causing condensation timely nipped in the bud.

Silica gel bags are used so much that you actually can go from these desiccants are non-toxic. Yet there are those who claim that silica gel is toxic, especially because silica gel sachets contain warnings that they are not suitable for consumption. What is it really?

Silica grains toxic: Yes or No?

The warning on the silica packets is mainly placed because many people (especially children) small silica beads respect for food. If silica is eaten, it is wise to drink water, but you will have no ill effects.

Silica gel is in fact completely harmless. Silica is also known under its chemical name silicon dioxide (SiO2), a harmless substance that naturally occurs in quartz. Silica gel is very porous and any silica bead contains millions of holes that suck moisture and hold it.

Silica saves more than 30% of its own weight in moisture and reduces the humidity in a closed environment also around 40%. Would you reuse silica gel pouches? Heat bags till max.150 degrees to allow the humidity to evaporate. After this your silica gel beads as good as new!

Silica gel sachets where can I buy it?

Silica Gel Shop is one of the most advantageous silica gel providers of the Netherlands. We sell countless years desiccants such as silica dry bags and related product groups. We only work with A-brand manufacturers who have an excellent reputation.

Buy only Silica gel from a good quality in order to function optimally. The lower the quality, the worse it will absorb moisture. This will expand the risk and nevertheless there is condensation on the products you want to protect.

Silica Gel Shop recommends therefore strongly against the use of inferior silica gel beads. We therefore only supply of silica gel that meets highest quality standards. Thanks to our efficient method of procurement, we are able to offer highly economical rates.

Silica gel granules in stock?

At Silica Gel Shop you can order silica gel bags in small quantities. This is in contrast to other providers of silica gel, where it is only possible to buy on silica grains in large stocks. We let you choose to you and offer you therefore two possibilities.

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