Silica is known under different names.

Many know silica as silica gel or desiccant. This material is used for dry packaging and storage of food, electronics, medical devices and diagnostics, optical devices, and many other industrial products. By silica gel ensures that the products are not wet and do not absorb moisture and so keep your merchandise value. Moreover, silica gel protects against mold, corrosion and musty odor. Thus, the applications of this gel are limitless. If you want to store, for example, boxes in your garden house. Of course, not only the garden house is a place of often damp and mold or odors caused without you noticing it, also have been known to draw moisture problems cellar. Not only for private use, but also for your business, this gel can prove useful and prevent problems. Silica gel is also used in the Pharma, food and packaging Industry.
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