Car Dehumidifier

Anyone who has ever suffered from fungus or fogged windows in the car, looking for a solution to these problems. The solution is closer than you think, because there is an effective and inexpensive method that prevents mold and steamed windows and ensures that you can safely and comfortably on the road in your car. As curious? In this article, we reveal how to fix your car problems at a stroke and we also explain why this method works so well.

Dehumidifier for car’s, boats, mobilehomes etc.
Have you ever wondered how it is that your car windows fogging? If you look closely, you see that in fact all of tiny droplets of water sitting on your car window. Moisture is precisely the cause of the problem. In each car comes an amount of moisture for, whether you have an older or even a brand new car. Moisture is simply unavoidable, because you are the one who brings it in your car. By sweating, for example, but also by breathing out. Of course you can try to stop breathing, but we would not recommend!


Moisture inside your car

Every time you exhale, you bring warm, moist air in your car. All of this moisture accumulates in the course of time, causing it inevitably leads in future to mold fogged windows. Yet this need not always be the case directly. In spring and summer, for example, you’ll hardly suffer from car windows fogged. The warm, moist air is in itself not therefore the problem. It only becomes problematic when it is combined with another important precondition: a (ice) cold environment.

Condensation in my car

Only when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface (in this case, therefore, your car windows), the problems begin. This effects include fogging, which is reflected in misting of your car windows. A very natural process, when you think about it. What to think of the steamed mirror when you are under a hot shower in a cold bath? Whether your warm breath visible in the frigid frost? This are all examples of situations where warm, moist air comes into contact with cold. Condensation is the process which lies at the base of your car windows fogged.

Auto dehumidification

Now, once you know what the cause is for your car windows steamed up, it’s actually quite simple to solve the problem. We have already reveals that the presence of moisture in your car can not be avoided. The only remaining remedy is so … remove them! Removing moisture from your car is also called dehumidify your car. This sounds at first perhaps as quite a chore, but we can reassure you: you do not have to do anything. By just placing a car dehumidifier in your car, the moisture present in the air is removed automatically for you!

Car dehumidifier which consumes moisture like a sponge

A car dehumidifier is also named a sponge in the car by many people. You put the car dehumidifier in your car, and then let the product do the work. Very easy and also very cheap. Place the dehumidifier as long as possible, before you drive your car, so far as possible moisture is removed from the air before you get in. Let’s you minimize the risk of misting and maximize your chances of a safe ride.

Airdry dehumidifier car

We can be brief: the Airdry dehumidifier Thomar is the best moisture absorber for in your car. This product is inexpensive, effective, and not without reason, the best-selling car dehumidifier in Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. The Airdry dehumidifier is available as odorless, Ice-Fresh and in the Vanilla version. There is also the Airdry DUO dehumidifier for people who need a reusable and exchangeable version for small cars.

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