Container rain & container desiccants

Container Desiccants
Have you ever encountered this scenario? “It’s raining in my container”. “My container has been delivered and the load is damp. There are no holes in the container and yet it smells musty and mold has already formed.”

During sea transport, severe temperature fluctuations of up to 50°C can occur, because ships sail through different climate zones. When the outside temperature drops, the container becomes cold, due to the cool temperature inside the container, the water vapor in the air is not absorbed. This occurs when the temperature of the top and side panels of the container drops below the dew point of the air trapped in the container and condensation or “sweat” begins to form on the cargo, walls and ceiling of the container . Water from the ceiling can fall directly onto the load or drip down the walls. The result is a lot of moisture on the bottom of the container, whereby the cargo or packaging material will absorb the moisture.

The damage caused by moisture and condensation can result in the following: wet boxes, damp packaging, labels peeling off, boxes tearing, spoiled goods or odors, rust, stains and corrosion. The solution: By creating humidity below condensation, stabilizing it and linking it to a system that reacts quickly enough to absorb the excess moisture before droplets form. Our Container desiccants are specially developed to keep cargoes dry during transport by sea.

Our container desiccant is therefore the simple and economical solution to prevent “container rain”. 1kg. GK container desiccant can hold up to 3.6Ltr. absorb moisture at a rate of up to 20 grams of moisture per hour. For example, a significant difference can arise in the atmosphere during the day and night cycles of rising and falling temperature in a container. GK acts as a buffer, absorbs moisture and helps maintain the balance between humidity and container contents.

GK consists of a combination of calcium chloride and starch. Over a period of approx. 45 days, it absorbs moisture and does not let it go. During this period of 45 days, the structure changes from a dry to a jelly-like substance.

To achieve the best possible distribution in your 20ft. or 40ft. container is available, GK container desiccants are available in different versions and please refer to our container guidelines.

1: GK Single 125 grams (absorbs up to 0.4 liters of moisture)
2: GK Hook 625 grams (takes up to 2.25 liters of moisture)
3: GK Hook 1,000 grams (absorbs up to 3.6 liters of moisture)
4: 4Dry Pole 1,000 grams (absorbs up to 3.6 liters of moisture)
5: GK Blanket 2,000 grams (absorbs up to 7.2 liters of moisture)

Note: Silica-Gel-Shop has no long delivery times. All our products are available from stock and a minimum order quantity per order from e.g. We do not know 1 container or 1 pallet. You order what you think you need and we deliver immediately. Silica-Gel-Shop is happy to advise you on the amount of container desiccants you need to prevent “Container Rain” and to keep your cargo dry during transport by sea. Do not hesitate to contact us for tailor-made advice.

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