Storage and transporation


DIN DRY MIL desiccants are mainly used in industrial environments. This drying agent can lower the relative humidity in, among other things, hermetically sealed rooms. It absorbs and retains the moisture from the surrounding air, preventing condensation and mold.

Master Dry is widely used when goods need to be kept dry for a longer period, such as when storing your goods for a move. In addition, Master Dry is also used for sending larger shipments. After all, these products have a very high moisture absorption content. Master Dry is a proven product when it comes to storing and transporting (valuable) things in a dry way.

CargoSorb Container desiccants

The following products from this series are available:

– 125 grams single
– 600 grams of hook
– 1200 grams of hook
– 1500 grams of pole
– 2 kilogram blanket

The CargoSorb container desiccants prevent fermentation, mold formation in foodstuffs, corrosion of metals or, for example, moist cardboard boxes and prevent moisture damage to your products, caused by the too high humidity and condensation. CargoSorb is currently the best container desiccant to dryly transport your valuable cargo by land and sea.