4DRY dehumidifier

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4DRY – Our product line to help you with moisture problems!

We offer various solutions to keep your car, caravan, wardrobe or, for example, shoes moisture-free. 4Dry is a natural product and is reusable through regeneration in the microwave. Easy to use and versatile.

4DRY Car dehumidifiers

We are incredibly proud of our newest product, the 4DRY car dehumidifier! 4DRY is a high quality car dehumidifier, has a high recording capacity and can be regenerated in the microwave! If you suffer from fogged windows, condensation, moisture or mold, look no further! The 4DRY auto-dehumidifier is available here.


  • weighs 1 kg
  • absorption capacity of max. 800 ml moisture
  • regenerate in the microwave
  • consists of a natural product