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Silica gel is a product which is used, in order to protect from moisture.

If moisture is produced in the ambient air, this can lead to problems, for example with electronic equipment. Also affected the operation with cameras, mobile phones or computers. This is why Silica Gel is widely used to protect your valuable gadgets from moisture. Not only small devices are susceptible to damage caused by moisture. Condensation can also occur in your car, caravan or boat.  Mold occurs rapidly and can lead to corrosion, mildew, or even failure of the equipment. Do you have trouble repeatedly fogged windows? Then use the high quality silica gel. You can buy this product in different versions in our online shop.
We offer a wide range of products specifically designed for these everyday problems. Binders, dehumidifier or desiccants find through our silica-gel-shop the way to private users and businesses partners. They all need silica gel or other dehumidifiers to prevent moisture problems.

We offer much more than just Silica gel. Buy dry in our online store!

Our cost-effective product Safe Dry can be used to store dry important documents in you safe as well as munitions kept protected from moisture in your munition safe or vault.
Our Silica gel packets or bulks you can be placed for example in your wardrobe to prevent the formation of a musty odor. The fire brigade and the police using our binder Absorbin-V to bind liquids and oil or gasoline. Especially for car lovers, we have developed the Air Dry product range. Air Dry absorbs the moisture out of the air and stores it in the fine granules in the bag. This product also protects against rust. Silica gel buy best suit your individual needs. For this, you can find more information about the required items in our website. Silica gel shop makes is special for you so easily. Do you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Customer satisfaction is very important. We are not afraid to look at your personal issues in more detail and to find a solution!

There are many possibilities Silica gel can be used. Want to send certain doses of medication to his home from vacation, than buy Silica gel and attach these small dry bag with your package. So your drug stays dry even in high heat and powder does not clump.
Transport over Sea, air or by land our Sea Dry or Dry Master products are often purchased by our customers. These two classes of products are particularly suitable for long journeys over sea by Container shipment.
Silica gel shop offer the varieties not only the large companies this gel used for transport and storage. Popular varieties this Silica gel are also in families that have a large garden shed to be filled with furniture and boxes and this should be taken that they are not wet and not soften the boxes. If you are unsure whether you have your items protected in this sense enough trust on silica gel. Buy this desiccant and learn the benefits of this product in various applications from your everyday life.