Moisture inside your car

Moisture in your car

Especially in older, but also in newer cars, it’s a problem: moisture inside the car. In the cold autumn and winter months, it leads to foggy windshields, which causes drivers to have a bad view of the road. This leads to many accidents that could otherwise have been prevented. Therefore, do not be annoyed by bumped cars, but do something! The moisture on the inside of your car is very easy to remove, but you only need to know how.

Moisture in your car can have several causes, but the biggest cause is probably you. Excuse me? Certainly, without knowing, you are the one who brings the moisture into the car. Like every other human being, you produce during breathing and sweating vapor, which in cold seasons leads to condensation. How does that work? We’ll explain that below. Because once you know the cause of the problem, it appears that you can really solve it very easily. The water vapor you exhale and the sweat ends up in the car. If you walk outside in summer you will not notice anything because the temperature difference between the water vapor and the environment is minimal. However, in the fall and winter the difference in temperature is much larger. Your warm breath is therefore even visible in the freezing cold. When you’re in your car in the cold months of the year, you’re feeling the same. The warm, damp air you exhale then comes into contact with the ice-cold surface of the car. This leads to condensation, which means that the car windshields cover and you can’t see anything.

The only way to remove moisture in your car is to dehydrate your car. Do not sweat or exhale is not an option for most people! With dehumidifying your car, we actually mean reducing the humidity inside the car. When there is hardly any moisture present in the air, this can not be condensated. The whole problem of foggy windshields is then solved in one click so that you can feel safe in your car in fall and winter. Dehumidifying your car can be done in several ways, but there is only one method that proves its effectiveness for years. Curious? We explain it to you below…

In general, this product is also called a moisturizer for the car. As long as the car is dehumidifier in your car, he removes as much moisture from the air as possible. This moisture is stored in the moisturizer, so make sure that he can not fall over when you start driving. Place the car dehumidifier well before driving in your car so that he can extract as much moisture as possible. The longer the moisture barrier has the time, the less likely you are to get bumped car racing!

If you are looking for a good car dehumidifier, you do not have to look any further. The best-selling dehumidifier in Germany is the Airdry dehumidifier. This popular product of the quality producer ThoMar is also sold in the Netherlands very much and is renowned for its high efficiency. With different fragrances (neutral, Ice-Fresh and Vanilla) and a special reusable DUO set, Airdry car dehumidifiers provide all you need to quickly and effectively dehumidify your car. A load but not least? They are cheap too. Therefore, do not drive with foggy windows and take advantage of ThoMar’s Airdry Dehumidifier.